Demery is a Senior at Union High School in Tulsa and a (super awesome) member of the Varsity Cheer Squad.  She’s one of those girls you meet that you automatically know you want to become best friends with.  She’s quiet at first, but within minutes you’re laughing and acting as if you’ve known each other for a lifetime.  She’s the kind of girl we all want in our lives.

For her session we did a little bit of an urban look before I took her to one of my favorite spots for some fun sunset pictures.  Weeellll, every event has a story and ours ended with (an unknown at the time) infestation of chiggers.  Lesson learned.  Those things are not friendly little creatures.

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Ladies & Gents!!

It’s one of my most favorite times of the year (second to Christmas, my birthday and my twins birthday). As much as I LOVED the class of 2014, it’s so much fun to welcome in the class of 2015 Seniors!!!

Slots are already filling up with these scrumptious Seniors so if you want some of this yummy summer warmth in your images, don’t wait too long to get on my books!

I can’t wait to create something unique with you!


HAVENsenior copy


I love Senior sessions.  I think they make me nostalgic looking back at High School.  Football games.  Prom.  Figuring out where you were going to go to college and who you were going to room with.  I loved it all.

And then there are the obvious things I’m jealous of now with Seniors.  The first obviously being how much Senior pictures have changed.  SO JEALOUS!!  My Senior pictures consisted of a staged outdoor session where I was put into the same exact pose as the girl that was there right before me.  My pictures looked pretty much exactly the same as all of my friends.  Gotta love that originality.  But now.  Seriously.  I’m so jealous.  Creativity.  Individuality.  Personality.  Maybe I should just take my Senior pictures again.

That said, when I looked back at what you guys loved seeing the most on my blog, it looks like you all are searching the most for before and after shots.  So here ya go!  Demery is a 2015 Senior at Union High School and I don’t think I could love her any more if I tried.  This is one shot I just finished up from her first session.

The top image is straight out of camera.  No touch-ups.


The bottom image I cropped in a little closer, brightened a little bit, smoothed her skin and boom.  Gorgeous girl.